Joint police operatives led by the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Office in Central Visayas (RACO7) rescued on Friday, October 27, 2017, two 17-year old siblings who were victims of online trafficking in persons by their very own older sister.  The victims’ older sister was also arrested during the said police operation in Barangay Dumlog, Talisay City, Cebu.

In his report to POLICE SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT MARNI C MARCOS, Director, Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG), PCI Leo Dofiles, Chief, RACO7, said that the operation was launched after RACO7 received reports that the two sisters, whose true names are withheld by reason of confidentiality, were performing nude live shows on the internet for a fee at the instigation of their older sister. Nude photos of the minors were also being sold through the internet by the same sister.

“While the successful operation by the police in Talisay City in Cebu deserves our congratulations, the unfortunate fact is, due to financial difficulty, human trafficking via the internet has become increasingly rampant, with parents or older siblings victimizing their own daughters or sisters in exchange for a paltry sum of money” said PSSupt Marcos even as he warned that this type of criminal activity will be prosecuted to the fullest by the ACG.

“Make no mistake about it. No parents or sisters or brothers can use the excuse of financial difficulty to justify the crime of trafficking their own flesh and blood and expect to receive leniency of the law that was precisely enacted to protect every woman and child from the crime of trafficking in persons,” Marcos said.

  The arrested 20-year old sister, whose name cannot be divulged to protect the identity of the victims, is facing multiple charges of violations of the Anti-Child Abuse Law; the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act; and the Cybercrime Prevention Act at the Talisay City Prosecutors Office.

Moreover, the PNP ACG encourages the general public to support the PNP in the campaign against Cybercrimes and provide relevant information immediately to nearest police stations or through social media (Twitter - @PNPACG or Facebook Page – PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group) or through the following: Dial 117 or text 2920; PNP ACG Hotline 414-1560/633-1438  and Isumbong Mo Kay Tsip 09178475757.